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Stop! Háma time.

After defeating The Watcher in the Water, our intrepid adventurers have ventured once again into The Long Dark of Moria. You might think that their earlier brush with The Nameless Fear would have put them off the mines for good, but apparently some heroes don’t learn from their mistakes…

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Squid Salad: A solo deck for The Watcher in the Water

The Khazad Dum and Dwarrowdelf cycles have already given us some very thematic quests, but The Watcher in the Water takes things to a whole new level: the entire card set constitutes one enemy and one location. That is not to say that there are only two encounter cards, but instead multiple cards that key off a single confrontation between the characters and a terrifying creature known only as The Watcher that dwells in a stagnant pool near the Westgate of Moria. Enemy cards represent the creature’s many tentacles, and treacheries and locations represent the imminent threat and literal dangers of The Watcher.

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Escape from Dol Guldur solo with one core set

A recent BoardGameGeek thread has reignited my interest in beating Escape from Dol Guldur using a single-core progression deck, and over the past few days I have played through the scenario numerous times, and chalked up a handful of victories. For anyone masochistic enough to try this for themselves, here are my strategy notes.

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Gollum Hunters

After an absence of more than a year I have returned to Middle Earth! My sword and armour are a little rusty, so I am replaying some early quests to ease myself back into action. With the core set under my belt I once again find myself hunting for Gollum.

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Hunting goblins in The Seventh Level

Unlike Into the Pit, which struck a balance between combat, exploration and treacheries, The Seventh Level revolves around killing goblins. Lots and lots of goblins.

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Return to Mirkwood solo: manipulating the encounter deck

Return to Mirkwood was clearly designed with multiplayer in mind, and is considerably tougher solo due to the fact that your threat increases by 4 each round, but it is possible to consistently beat the scenario solo if you are clever about your deck building and tactics.

Some of the challenges your deck needs to handle are spiralling threat, powerful enemies, treacheries that can instantly kill a hero, and a quest stage in which you can’t play cards from your hand. So we have our work cut out for us!

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