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Card draw showdown: Beravor vs Bilbo

Early in its lifecycle LOTR LCG received two Lore heroes with an inbuilt card draw ability, Beravor and Bilbo Baggins. Each performs quite differently, so let’s put these two heroes head-to-head to find out who is the card draw heavyweight.

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Khazad-dûm first impressions

For months now I have been hanging out to play the Khazad-dûm expansion, having heard many good things about its scenarios and how powerful the dwarf trait becomes over the course of the Dwarrowdelf cycle. Dain Ironfoot gave me a taste of what was in store, and for the past few weeks I have been salivating at the thought of a Dwarven army boosted by Dain’s ridiculously good ability. Last week I finally cracked the seal on the box and ventured into the mines of Moria…

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