One of the benefits of playing a popular, well established game like The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is the wealth of  resources available to players. LOTR LCG has an amazingly passionate community who have produced a veritable treasure trove of blogs, podcasts, tutorials, reviews, videos, custom scenarios, player aids and much more besides. This page will be a living archive of these resources, updated whenever I come across something new.


Lord of the Rings: The Card Game product page
Game rules and FAQ, a video tutorial, downloadable rulesheets for every scenario, game scoresheets and more.

Fantasy Flight Games News
The source for all your official LOTR LCG news. New articles are posted every couple of weeks including announcements and spoilers for new products, and the excellent Second Breakfast series where LOTR LCG’s designers share their thoughts on the game. Unfortunately articles cannot be filtered by game, so you’ll have to scan through all the FFG news to find the LOTR LCG posts.

Quest Log
Keep track of your progress through Middle Earth. Sadly this tool  is no longer maintained, but I am listing it here in the hope that FFG will one day update it.


Tales from the Cards 
Operating since December 2012. Standout posts include the New Player Buying GuideDeck Building 101 series, an entertaining rant against difficulty ratings and my personal favourite, The 16 Steps to LOTR LCG Addiction.

The Second Hand Took
The Second Hand Took has a wonderful series of posts showcasing the artwork of The Lord of the Rings LCG, which is an aspect of the game that is seldom discussed. It is great to see some of the amazingly talented artists getting their due. The blog also runs a Hero of the Month series and showcases the author’s decks.

Master of Lore
This blog uses The Lord of the Rings LCG as a lens through which to view the themes and lore of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Essential reading for Lord of the Rings geeks.

Hall of Beorn
This blog is probably best know for its excellent Beorn’s Path series, which has helped countless new players to learn the game. Dan is also one of the hosts of the Grey Company podcast.

Warden of Arnor
Initially devised as a place to document PocketWraith’s progression playthrough, Warden of Arnor also has card reviews, deckbuilding challenges, and discussion of the meta game.

Darkling Door
Darkling is a blog primarily about building thematic decks to defeat nightmare quests. It also features a unique series called The Path Less Travelled, for new players who have chosen to purchase expansions in non-chronological order.

Warriors of the West
Scenario reviews and turn-by-turn playthroughs.

Peace and Thought
Ruminations on our beloved game.

A Very Good Tale
A blog about all things multiplayer.

LOTR Deck Tech
Weekly discussions about LOTR LCG deck builds.

Unfinished Trails
A new blog by Eldandil (elf-friend) covering player cards, quests, and Middle-earth lore.

The Mirkwood Runner
The author’s blog and YouTube channel have been quiet for almost a year, so I suspect that he has departed the game, but you will still find a couple of years worth of archival content.

Dor Cuarthol
Sadly the blog’s author has moved on to other games, but the archived posts are still very much worth your time.

Forums and online groups

Fantasy Flight Games forum
The official forum for LOTR LCG. Tends to focus on high level discussions of the meta game and new quests.

BoardGameGeek forum
This forum is very welcoming of new players and is a great place to ask questions about the rules.

/lotrlcg subreddit
I have had some bad experiences with Reddit in the past, but the /lotrlcg subbredit is very friendly and hosts some interesting topics about the game.


Cardboard of the Rings
Cardboard of the Rings is the longest running LOTR LCG podcast, and has followed the game since the very beginning. The banter between the show’s hosts is sure to bring a smile to your face. Sadly CoTR’s founding host, Brandon, has recently announced his retirement from the show.

The Grey Company
If the irreverent tone of Cardboard of the Rings doesn’t float your boat then The Grey Company may be exactly what you are looking for. The podcast was founded by some of the community’s most prominent members, and provides in depth commentary about the game.

YouTube Channels

Cardboard of the Rings / The Tenth Nazgul Progression Series
Mitch Desgrosellier and co-host Matthew Dempsey play through each of the game’s scenarios using only cards that were available when it was first released. They also do player card evaluation videos, which weigh the merits of the player cards in each adventure pack. This series is indispensable for new players. After a long hiatus the series recently was recently rebooted.

Chris Stanford a.k.a. Seastan is known for devising some of the most mind warping decks in the modern game. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Cardboard of the Rings
Lots of playthroughs from the CoTR crew.

The Grey Company
An occasionally updated channel where the hosts of The Grey Company podcast play LOTR LCG.

Mr Underhill
Player card reviews and solo playthroughs.

Warden of Arnor
LOTR LCG playthroughs by PocketWraith, who runs the accompanying Warden of Arnor blog.

This guy plays cards like a boss.

The Mirkwood Runner
This channel has been quiet for about a year, but there are still plenty of nightmare playthroughs to watch.

Tragic the Blathering
Although he is largely absent from the game these days, Tragic the Blathering has made several important contributions to the community. He authored an LOTR LCG plugin for LackeyCCG, he compiled all of the game designers’ official rule clarifications into a massive Card Game DB thread, and he also produced a ton of great playthrough and card evaluation videos.

Player aids

RingsDB Deck Builder
I took a break from the game for 18 months and when I came back everyone was like “OMG RingsDB is so amazing!” And you know what? It is. RingsDB is an extremely popular online deck builder for LOTR LCG, which goes a step beyond its predecessors by allowing players to share their decks with community.

Love of Tales
A deck builder and quest logger by community member Seastan. The deck builder is based on Dirk Meijer’s (now defunct) Rivendell Councilroom.

Card Game DB Deckbuilder
Prior to the advent of RingsDB this is what most people used to plan their decks.

Hall of Beorn Card Search
The ultimate LOTR LCG card search tool, and also a great source of card art. You know, for illustrating blog articles 😉

Card Game DB Card Search
A searchable archive of all the LOTR LCG cards. One difference from the Hall of Beorn card search application is that users can comment on individual cards, which provides an insight into how the community feels about a card.

Online Quest Companion
This all-in-one resource is designed to have by your side as you play. Features a comprehensive rules reference, turn reference, card errata, and rules and community difficulty ratings for every scenario. The site also has a campaign logging tool for the Sage expansion campaign mode.

Printable Online Quest Companion
489 pages of LOTR LCG rules, errata, Q&As, FFG articles and more, beautifully laid out by Banania and ready to print. A true labour of love and a must-have for LOTR LCG fans.

Kaybee’s Quick Reference
A one page turn reference sheet. Provides greater detail about action windows than is found in the rule book.

Universal Head Rules Summary & Reference
Compact rule sheets and phase references designed for printing and laminating.

Seastan’s LOTR LCG Shadow Card Reference
Useful for calculating the probability of a disastrous shadow effect during combat.

Storage solutions and components

Broken Token inserts
Wooden card organisers that slot into a core set box. A popular option for new players looking for a compact storage solution for their growing collection.

Master of Lore’s binder cover template
An attractive cover art for a card storage binder, in Photoshop format.

Team Covenant tokens
Pimp out your game with stylish wooden progress, resource and damage tokens.

Geckoth’s dividers
Printable card dividers for players who store their collection in trading card boxes or the core set box.

Geckoth’s storage box templates
Custom box templates for storing encounter decks. A current template is linked later in that thread. Here are direct links to the box templates and divider templates.

All kinds of playmats for converting LOTR LCG intro more of a boardgame-like experience. This project strikes me as slightly eccentric, but I appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into it.

Digital card game platforms

OCTGN is the most popular way of playing LOTR LCG digitally. You can play solo or with other players online. Although I cannot vouch for them, I know of a couple of Facebook groups where you can find people to play with. The application is only available for Windows.

LackeyCCG is a solid alternative to OCTGN for Mac and Linux users. Community member Tragic the Blathering singlehandedly maintains a LOTR LCG plugin for Lackey.

CardWarden is an iPad card game sandbox that works very well for LOTR LCG, provided that you have the patience to import all your cards. I currently do most of my LOTR LCG playing with CardWarden during my daily commute. Tales From the Cards has a tutorial explaining how to use the app.

TableTop Simulator
A 3D tabletop game sandbox. In addition to a number of official games, TableTop Simulator’s Steam workshop includes numerous unsanctioned ports of popular card and board games, including LOTR LCG.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that playing LOTR LCG on any of the digital platforms I have listed above is not endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games, and may breach their copyright. I personally think that it is fine to play the game digitally, but only with cards that you own physical copies of. This game will only continue to exist for as long as its players keep buying cards, so the right thing.


Ninjadorg’s Custom Scenarios
Extend the replayability of the core set with these custom quests.